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3D LET (BRK) by Brian Kent

3D LET (BRK) title image

From the Read Me file

This Font is based on the 3D N of the Nintendo 64 Logo. The only
problem was that the N64’s N is connected to make it look cube-like.
Trying to make the rest of the characters look connected wasn’t working
out, so I made all of the characters ‘Offset’ instead of connected.

–All of the lower case letters and #’s are ‘Outline’ charascters.
–All of the Upper case letters and Shift+#’s are ‘Solid’ characters.
>>>(Shift+# means use !@#$%^&*() for the #’s 1234567890)

When Printing with this Font, use a large point size (above 24 pt.)

3D LET (BRK) character map

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