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FacebookLetterFaces by Bogdan Balachi

FacebookLetterFaces title image

Looking for the Facebook font?

This might be about as close as you’re going to get to the Facebook font without creating it yourself or getting a job at Facebook.

This is the official Facebook logo, and wasn’t built using this font. Take a look down on the page. The larger image with all letters and numbers was built using the Facebook Letter Faces font so that you can see how close it is.

Facebook font example

Other Fonts

This is close to the Facebook logo font. But they do use a few others.

  • Lucida Grande – Main website for Mac users
  • Tahoma – Main website for Windows user
  • Helvetica Neue – iOS mobile users
  • Roboto – Android mobile users

Facebook Colors

And if you’re looking for the Facebook font, you might also be interested in the colors used on Facebook. Here they are. It’s a group of 5 shades of blue.

Facebook Dark Blue

Facebook Dark Blue
Hex: #0e1f56
RGB: 14, 31, 91
CMYK: 85, 66, 0, 64

Facebook Blue

Facebook Blue
Hex: #3b5998
RGB: 59, 89, 152
CMYK: 61, 41, 0, 40

Facebook Medium Blue

Facebook Medium Blue
Hex: #6d84b4
RGB: 109, 132, 180
CMYK: 39, 27, 0, 29

Facebook Light Blue

Facebook Light Blue
Hex: #afbdd4
RGB: 175, 189, 212
CMYK: 17, 11, 9, 17

Facebook Lighter Blue

Facebook Light Blue
Hex: #dedfea
RGB: 216, 232, 234
CMYK: 8, 5, 0, 8

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FacebookLetterFaces character map

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