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Vintage Typewriter Fonts

Typewriters have a nostalgia and charm that is hard to resist. The clack-clack of the keys, the ding at the end of a line, and the physicality of the machine all contribute to its appeal. One of the most iconic features of typewriters is their fonts. These fonts have a unique character that is instantly recognizable. They harken back to a time when the written word was crafted with care and precision, and the typewriter was the tool of choice. In this blog post, we have compiled a collection of vintage typewriter fonts that capture this essence. These fonts are perfect for adding a touch of retro style to your designs, whether you're creating a vintage poster or an old-school logo. Each font has its own unique personality, but they all share a sense of history and character that is hard to find in modern fonts. So, if you're looking to add some vintage flair to your designs, look no further than these typewriter fonts.

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1913 Typewriter

1913 Typewriter is a unique font family that offers a grunge and typewriter style. This font family is perfect for any project that requires a vintage or retro feel, such as creating posters, book covers, or even restaurant menus. With its rough edges and uneven spacing, 1913 Typewriter evokes a sense of authenticity and nostalgia that is sure to capture the attention of any audience.

Amateur Typewriter

Check out Amateur Typewriter, the monospaced typewriter font that's sampled from a real vintage typewriter. It's a blast to use and perfect for adding a touch of nostalgia to your designs.

Fletcher Typewriter

Fletcher Typewriter font and extras is a vintage design kit that includes an authentic typewriter font, aged paper scans, stamps, and writing from old postcards. It also comes with stains and splatters to add an extra retro look to your designs.


Grassroots is a classic typewriter serif font. Each keystroke on an old typewriter produces variations based on the ink ribbon and the force with which the typebars strike the ribbon and paper.


Mitigate is a condensed slab-serif typeface that every designer should have in their collection. In a world where broad and regular typewriter fonts are prevalent, Mitigate stands out with its compact design, making it ideal for fitting in more text in less space.

Old Destroyed Typewriter

Old Destroyed Typewriter is a unique and distinctive display font that is perfect for adding character and personality to your designs. Its rough texture and vintage style evoke a sense of nostalgia and authenticity, making it an ideal choice for projects that require a touch of retro charm.

Old Typewriter

Old Typewriter is a cute, thematic typewriter font that resembles the old mechanical type. This slab serif is a great way to give your projects a retro or forensic style.

Typewriter Inked

Typewriter Inked is a stylish and unique font that will give your design project a cool and vintage flair. This font is perfect for creating a retro or nostalgic look and feel. With its confident and bold style, Typewriter Inked is sure to make a statement in your designs. Whether you're designing a poster, flyer, or logo, this font will add a touch of class and sophistication. So why not give Typewriter Inked a try for your next design project?

Unexpected Typewriter

Unexpected Typewriter is a unique and stylish hand-drawn serif font inspired by an old Underwood typewriter, a classic machine that has been a symbol of writing and journalism for decades. With its intricate and authentic details, this font captures the essence of the typewriter's mechanical precision and the charm of its vintage design. The font's irregular shapes and rough edges give it a distinct personality that sets it apart from other fonts, making it perfect for adding character and flair to any project.

Wanderlust Typewriter

Wanderlust Typewriter is an all-lowercase font that gives your text the appearance of having been printed on a typewriter.