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The font that makes everyone read faster


The video discusses the purpose of typography and the importance of fonts in expressing mood, aesthetics, and readability. It emphasizes the historical development of fonts, from Gutenberg's movable-type printing press to modern innovations. The focus then shifts to Dr. Bonnie Shaver Troupe's scientific approach to font design aimed at improving reading speeds, culminating in the creation of the Lexington font. The font's features, such as hyper-expanded character spacing, expanded font outlines, and sans-serif design, are highlighted. The video mentions a study with third graders showing that the Lexington font increased reading speeds by almost 20%. Dr. Shaver Troupe and Thomas Jockin collaborated with Google to test and standardize the font. The ultimate goal is to change the perception of typography and incorporate font design into education theory, especially for individuals with reading difficulties. The Lexan font family, with variations tailored to different reading levels, is available for download, and the creators aim to introduce it to classrooms worldwide. The video concludes by mentioning positive responses from educators and the potential impact of Lexington on font preferences.