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The Lo-Res font collection represents a fusion of pixelated aesthetics, incorporating Emigre's earlier coarse-resolution fonts and bitmap renditions of Base 9. It supersedes the previous Emigre, Emperor, Oakland, and Universal font families, consolidating these bitmap designs under a unified family name in the font menu, streamlining their nomenclature. Additionally, the Lo-Res fonts introduce technical enhancements, such as an expanded character set, greater uniformity in character forms across styles and weights, and enhanced alignment across different resolutions.

Basic Pixel

Basic Pixel is the perfect font for creative enjoyment, offering five distinct styles and a versatile variable file encompassing them all for variable enthusiasts. By mixing styles and colors like playful building blocks, you can craft limitless new designs and captivating visual displays. Its precision makes it suitable for both lengthy paragraphs and bold display text. Dive in and have a blast!


Pixelnerd, the ultimate font for pixel enthusiasts and nerds alike, is here! This versatile font family comes in a range of styles: regular, italic, curved, curved italic, stencil, and curved stencil. Keep on pixelating!


Introducing Sanspix, your go-to font for all things retro and pixelated! Whether you're diving into nostalgic game design or working on movie titles, logos, posters, books, headlines, or any creative project, Sanspix has got your back. Just give it a whirl, and you'll see how it adds that extra pop to make your ideas shine!

Bittypix Monospace

Bittypix Monospace is an exquisite 8-pixel font crafted with meticulous care and precision, brought to life by the talented creators at Chequered Ink.

Bubbly Bit

Meet Bubbly Bit, your friendly retro pixel font style, tailor-made for all your nostalgic game design dreams. But that's not all—it's also a great match for movies, documentaries, logos, posters, books, and more. Infuse your creative projects with Bubbly Bit and watch them pop with style!


Transport yourself to the golden age of arcade gaming with Joystix, an authentic retro game-inspired typeface that immerses you in the spirit of the 1980s. Drawing inspiration from the iconic pixelated fonts of that era, Joystix impeccably preserves the enduring allure of classic video games.

SB Message

SB Message, inspired by Nokia's classic font, initially designed for print, evolved during the pre-smartphone era when Nokia dominated the market. It offers a taller, narrower profile for impactful headlines. Originally, it had two styles, Solid and Open, for screen-like headlines, and later added variations like dot matrix and VDU line for design versatility. It remains highly legible at 10px height.