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Handwriting Practice Fonts

Are you a parent teaching your child to write? Or, a teacher with a classroom full of students that need practice with their handwriting?

Below you'll find fonts that we've come across that are designed to be used for handwriting practice with students. Generally, that means that they look like they're very neatly hand-written, although there are a few exceptions. They're also typically dotted so that students can trace over the letters for practice and still see what they drew.

For this page we're focusing on print fonts, but we'll probably get a page online with cursive practice fonts as well as soon as we get a chance to go on a scavenger hunt looking for them.

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KG Primary Dots Regular

If you've seen handwriting practice material, this is probably the font that they used.

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KG Primary Dots Lined

This is a lined version of the Primary Dots font above. Same idea, but with lines to help with practice.

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KG Primary Penmenship

To finish out the set, there is also a matching penmanship that is the same design as the two above, but with solid lines instead of dots. Perfect for instructions on handwriting practice worksheets.

In the same set there is also a second version that's a little wider and a version with lines just like the dots lined font.

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Tracingo is a bit more of a relaxed font than some of the ones you'll see for handwriting practice.

AtoZ Trace

This one is a little different because you're tracing inside a hollowed out character, which is probably better for younger students. The upper case characters include the tracing lines and the lower case are totally hollow.

Dash to School

Dash to School Dashed is one of 9 fonts in a family. It's the only dashed font, which makes in best for writing practice, but the others are all the same style and match very well.

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Mars Dashed Font

Mars Dashed looks like it would be perfect for younger students. The characters are really well defined and easy to trace.

Dot to Dot Regular

Like Primary Dots above, Dot to Dot is a dotted version of almost perfect handwriting. And it also has a lined version with handwriting guides to make practice easier.

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ABC Dot Practice

I'm not a huge fan of this one, but wanted to include it anyway. It looks like a normal serif font that's been converted to dots instead of a font that looks like handwriting.