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Free Fonts - February 2024

Everybody likes free fonts. Here's a collection of 10 new fonts that are free for commercial use.

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Narcissus Love

Derived from the exquisite beauty of the Narcissus flower, the Narcissus Love font embodies a sense of elegance and grace. Each stroke of this font mirrors the delicate petals of the flower, invoking sentiments of admiration and enchantment. With Narcissus Love, your words resonate with the timeless allure of nature's own masterpiece.

Zombie Slime

Introducing Zombie Slime, a versatile, stylish, and playful retro display font that exudes a groovy vibe. Ideal for a variety of uses including greeting cards, headlines, and beyond! Incorporate it into your creative projects to infuse them with a romantic and exquisite feel.

Bored Teenager

Bored Teenager is an authentic typeface born from youthful boredom. It embodies adolescent creativity, each stroke reflecting the paradox of idle energy waiting to ignite. Immerse yourself in the raw essence of youth with Bored Teenager—a testament to boredom-induced innovation and teenage spirit sculpted into digital type.

Retro Groovy

Journey back in time with Retro Groovy font! Like a lively vinyl record, it sets the perfect tempo for your quirky creations. Infused with playful vibes, it blends retro nostalgia with modern design, adding a funky touch to your projects. More than just a typeface, Retro Groovy transports you to a fun and creative era. Turn up the volume and add a groovy rhythm to your designs! Remember, design is about making rules dance to your beats!

Freehand Font

Introducing "Freehand Font" – a versatile sketch display font, perfect for school-themed projects and chalk writing. Ideal for attention-grabbing designs, it suits various uses from t-shirts to restaurant menus and greeting cards. Its cool style adds a casual touch to any project. Embrace its charm and create delightful designs!


Meet Ashfiana, a sleek sans-serif font radiating modernity and sophistication. Its clean lines and balanced proportions ensure clarity and readability across various design projects. Whether for branding, editorial work, or digital interfaces, Ashfiana blends elegance with contemporary style, making it a versatile choice for diverse applications.

Brethren Rounded

Discover Brethren Rounded, a robust sans serif font with beautifully rounded edges. Available in .ttf and .otf formats, it provides flexibility for your design projects. Perfect for magazine layouts, invitations, quotes, and headers, its boldness makes a statement in any design requiring a commanding presence.


Astonpoliz fonts are meticulously crafted based on geometric principles, resulting in characters with a seamless integration of shapes. One distinguishing feature of Astonpoliz is the absence of stroke contrast, lending a uniformity and consistency to the overall design. This design choice ensures that each character maintains a harmonious balance, contributing to the font's sleek and modern aesthetic. By eliminating stroke contrast, Astonpoliz achieves a clean and minimalist appearance, perfect for a wide range of design applications.

Lemon Drizzle

Lemon Drizzle is a charming handwritten font evoking sweetness and delight with its playful curves and flowing strokes. Reminiscent of tangy lemon treats, it adds a whimsical touch to invitations, greeting cards, and branding materials. Embrace its irresistible charm and let creativity flow!

Wonderful Pandawa

Experience the enchanting "Wonderful Pandawa" script font, seamlessly merging elegance with whimsy. Its graceful, flowing strokes exude sophistication, while subtle curves and intricate details infuse playfulness.