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Free Fonts: April 2023

Get inspired with DailyFont's latest collection of free commercial fonts for April 2023. Explore a variety of styles and elevate your design work without spending a dime.

Free Script Fonts: March 2023

Collection of 10 free script fonts for commercial use. Download these beautiful fonts and use them in your next design project.

Learn Canva in 10 Minutes

Learn Canva in 10 minutes with this tutorial video and create professional-looking graphics easily. Customize templates, add text and images, and use Canva's stock library to create eye-catching designs. Boost your design skills and take your graphics to the next level.

The Impact of Font Choice on Website Loading Speed

Is your website taking too long to load? Font choice could be the issue. Find out how to improve website speed with the right font selection.

Easter Fonts

Don't settle for boring Easter designs. Explore our selection of playful and colorful fonts to create designs that truly stand out.

The Role of Typography in Video Game Design

Want to take your video game design to the next level? Find out how to use typography to create a more immersive and engaging experience.

10 Amazing Canva Text Effects

Level up your Canva designs with these amazing text effects

9 New Programming Fonts

Looking for a new programming font to try? Here's a handful of programming fonts that you may not have seen before, ready to download.

10 Free Comic Book Fonts

Looking for a strong, bold font with a comic book or cartoon feel? Here's a collection of 10 fonts, free for commercial use, that might just fit the bill.

Handwriting Practice Fonts

Traceable handwriting practice fonts are great for helping young students work on their handwriting.

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