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Free Fonts for July 20th

Like free fonts? Then welcome to the first of what's planned as a regular addition to our site where we feature commercial fonts that are currently available for free.

What are Fonts and Typefaces?

I know there's a difference between a font and a typeface, but I can never remember what it is.

The Psychology of Fonts

Why do we like some fonts and not others? Why do we choose the fonts that we do?

What is a pangram?

What is a pangram? Do you have any example pangrams? A pangram is a sentence that uses every letter at least once, and we've got several examples.

The Font That Makes Everyone Read Faster

Can a font help you read faster?

How can someone hate a font? Comic Sans.

Do you like Comic Sans or really hate it? Why?

How To Download and Install Fonts in Photoshop

Have a font that you need to get into Photoshop? Watch this.

50 Hand Lettering Ideas

Here are 50 great ideas on lettering you can do by hand.

How to choose fonts video

Trouble finding the right font? Take a look at this video.

7 Ways to Make Your Own Fonts

Short YouTube video on how to create your own fonts.