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10 Amazing Canva Text Effects

Level up your Canva designs with these amazing text effects

9 New Programming Fonts

Looking for a new programming font to try? Here's a handful of programming fonts that you may not have seen before, ready to download.

10 Free Comic Book Fonts

Looking for a strong, bold font with a comic book or cartoon feel? Here's a collection of 10 fonts, free for commercial use, that might just fit the bill.

Handwriting Practice Fonts

Traceable handwriting practice fonts are great for helping young students work on their handwriting.

How to customize a font in Illustrator

What do you do when a font is close, but not quite right? Take a look at this video tutorial on how you can use Adobe Illustrator to customize fonts.

The font that makes everyone read faster

Can a font help you read faster?

What are fonts and typefaces?

I know there's a difference, but I can never remember what it is

How can someone hate a font?

Halloween Fonts

Are you working on invitations for your Halloween party and need the perfect font? Or maybe you're a teacher decorating your classroom. Take a look. These might be just the fonts you're looking for.

What is a pangram?

A pangram is a sentence where every letter is used at least once.