About DailyFont.com

Hi, and welcome to DailyFont.com

This site’s actually been around a while, but I decided that it needed an update.

The original site was built using WordPress. But I found myself building each font image manually which meant that each font was a 10 or 15 minute process to get online. A rewrite brought that down to about 30 seconds with a set of scripts that would build the images for me. And that worked for a while. Probably 3 or 4 years. But I’ve grown tired of the style, and more importantly I’ve noticed some limitations of my home-brew solution. So over the past few days I’ve been rebuilding the site, using WordPress as a backend again. But this time the image creation scripts are plugged into WordPress so all I have to do is drag the font zip file in and WordPress takes care of the rest.

At one point the goal was to create a site where a new font came online every day. I’ve decided that’s just not realistic, even with PHP to help. So instead there is a rotation of fonts with one getting picked as the font of the day.

And a disclaimer… There are ads on this site. Those ads are likely storing cookies on your computer. Probably nothing malicious, but the advertisers want to serve you ads you’re likely to click on so they keep track with cookies.