Moving from a dedicated server to DigitalOcean

This site has been hosted on a dedicated server with Softlayer pretty much since it was put online. But after looking through the average load for the server, and how much I had paid in the last few years, I decided it was time to look at other options.

The hosting service that I’ve settled on is a VPS provider called DigitalOcean, and so far I’m very happy with them. This site, along with the other WordPress sites that are part of the same multisite setup, seems to be a bit snappier. And the handful of website speed tests that I ran against this site before and after the move all showed that this setup responded faster.

Of course, that’s probably more an issue of what’s running on the dedicated box compared to the relatively clean setup on this DigitalOcean droplet. With Softlayer I had cPanel running which looks to be fairly memory heavy. On this droplet I’m doing everything from the command line. I’ve also been with Softlayer for several years and always been on the same server, a server that was lower end even when I first got the account.

For now though I can’t really do much of a review since DailyFont has only been on DigitalOcean for a couple of days. The real test is down the road whether I’m still happy.